The Director General is pleased to inform all Parties that the Forty-First Meeting of the Assembly of Parties (AP-41)
will be held in person only from 8-10 October 2024.

A new convening letter and agenda was sent to ALL Parties on January 31st.

AP-41 will be a paperless meeting. No printed documents will be distributed to the participants during the meeting.
The Director General encourages the participants to bring their own laptop computer or tablet to access the AP documents.

In order to have access to ITSO’s restricted documents you will need a username and password to ITSO’s restricted website.

Convening Letter

Convening Letter

AP-40 Documents

AP-41 Documents

Program - Will be available soon

Program – Tentative Agenda

Practical Information

Practical Information

AP Rules and Procedures

AP Rules and Procedures

The ITSO Agreement

The ITSO Agreement


Each participating Party shall designate one individual to act as its Representative (Head of delegation) and may also designate such Alternate Representative(s) and Advisors as it deems necessary. The Party must communicate the name and title of each member of the delegation, together with the capacities in which they will attend the meeting, by fax or e-mail, to the Director General, by September 6, 2024. In addition, an official letter of accreditation signed by a duly empowered representative, as specified under rule V of the AP Rules of Procedure, must be mailed to the Director General or hand-carried to the meeting.


Sample Accreditation Letter AP-41

Sample Accreditation Letter AP-41

Sample Proxy Letter AP-41

Sample Proxy Letter AP-4


What is an Accreditation?

A credential issued on official stationery by a Party representative duly empowered to sign on behalf of an ITSO member country.

Who may sign the Accreditation?

The Head of State, the Head of Government, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the official in charge of the sector of telecommunications, a representative of one of these entities duly empowered to sign on behalf of an ITSO member country.

What should be stated in the Accreditation?

The Accreditation must include the name and title of each representative of the delegation, together with the capacity in which they will attend the meeting (i.e. Representative, Alternate Representative(s) and Advisor(s)). There may be only one representative, but as many Alternate Representatives and Advisors as the Party deems necessary. The Accreditation must state that the members of this delegation are authorized to speak and vote on behalf of the Party.

When should I send the Accreditation letter?

As soon as the delegation is confirmed by your Administration and after pre-registration. Please email the accreditation letter to

Cannot attend AP-41?

You may accredit a representative from your diplomatic mission in Washington, D.C. to attend. Alternatively, another ITSO Party, with whom your Party shares similar views, may represent you at the meeting, to speak and vote in the name of your Party via Proxy.

A Proxy letter addressed to the Director General is required. Sample of Proxy letter can be found on this page above.